Evaporator Coil Services in McKinney

Respected evaporator coil repair and installation services in McKinney.

Many different parts make up air conditioning systems, but the most important one, at least in terms of producing the signature cooling effect, is evaporator coils. Without it, your AC appliance would produce nothing but puffs of lukewarm air throughout your home. Making sure this key component stays in good condition is crucial.

Good thing the technicians at Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality can perform evaporator coil repair and evaporator coil replacement services to homes in the McKinney, TX area. We can ensure your home receives nothing but cool air from your AC unit.

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Evaporator Coils Explained

If you’re wondering where evaporator coils are located, you can find it inside the air handler, which is a metal compartment that houses many integral AC components, or near the furnace. Evaporator coils are important because they contain the refrigerant that absorbs heat from the air as it circulates throughout your home.

Any time your air conditioning system pushes out only warm air, it’s likely caused by a malfunctioning evaporator coil. If you experience this problem, give us a call right away and we’ll send a specialist to assess the situation and make repairs or replace the device if necessary. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – there’s no need to suffer through the heat when help is available at the touch of a few buttons.

Evaporator Coil Maintenance

Like any other component of a home appliance, the evaporator coil is susceptible to dust and grime buildup over time. Having this component cleaned every one or two years should be part of your regular air conditioner maintenance process. It will help ensure the appliance continues to operate at peak efficiency and provide relief to everybody in your home.

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Here at Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality, our technicians have been serving homeowners in Collin County and the surrounding areas for more than 60 years. Delivering high-quality workmanship and first-class customer service is the bedrock of our business. We have a long history of building positive relationships with homeowners.

We also offer flat-rate pricing for our services. This means all parts and labor are included in the price we give you, with no hidden fees. Being upfront and honest with our customers is part of the integrity and goodwill we’ve developed.

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