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The Consequences of Not Maintaining Your HVAC System Properly


If you have not been taking care of your HVAC systems by having them maintained every 6 to 12 months, you could be costing yourself more money at the end of the day. Regular maintenance like cleaning and tuning-up can prevent issues with your unit that could cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Maintaining your unit can also keep your system running efficiently, and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Lower Your Utility Bill by Managing Your HVAC Systems

“paymore”If your HVAC systems go unmanaged for long stretches of time, it could affect your units ability to efficiently cool or heat your home. When, for example, your evaporator and condenser coils are caked with dust and dirt, they are unable to transfer warm air out of your home, making it more difficult to cool.

The more energy your unit requires to cool (or heat) your home, the more your utility bill goes up. In fact, it is estimated that having dirty coils can increase your energy bill up to 30%! You can help keep your unit clean by replacing its filter every 3 to 6 months and having your HVAC systems serviced at least twice a year.

Maintain Your HVAC Systems to Maintain Your Indoor Air Quality

“dustproblems”Everyone wants to believe that the air they are breathing is clean. Unfortunately though, if your HVAC systems are not being properly maintained, this may not be the case in your home.

An unmanaged HVAC system may not be able to filter particles like dust, mold, and airborne viruses out of your air. While air purifiers can help keep the air in your home clean to a degree, they can’t remove nearly enough pollutants to make up for a poorly maintained AC or heating system. It is crucial that you check your HVAC filters regularly, and change them at least every 3 months.

You may need to change your filter sooner than the regular 3 month period during the spring, when allergies tend to be more aggressive, for example, or if you are completing any home renovations. You should also have your entire duct system cleaned about every 3 years, and regularly wipe down your vents with a damp rag to make sure that dust and other irritants aren’t settling in your air ducts and vents, and then blowing into your home.

Maintenance Membership Programs Can Help!

Joining a maintenance membership program can make it easier to keep up with your regular HVAC maintenance, and help prevent the need for costly heater or AC repairs down the line. Most HVAC companies offer some type of membership that provides a regular heater and AC inspection and tune-up, along with a host of other benefits, for a low annual cost.

“maintenanceprogram”Benefits may vary from company to company, but most memberships include

  • Discounts on HVAC systems repairs (aside from regular maintenance)
  • Guaranteed demand service
  • Extended warranty on parts and labor
  • Discounts on new equipment purchases

Your membership will also bring your peace of mind in knowing that you will always have a trusted professional available to work on your home HVAC systems.