Tips on Maintaining Your Heating System This Winter

Heating Installation Service McKinney, TXThere is nothing more comforting in the chilly winter months than firing up your home’s heater and cozying up inside with your favorite activities. But the cold weather and long running hours can put a strain on your heating system. It’s important to remember a few tips this winter to keep your heater running in top condition all season long.

Programmable Thermostat

Running your heater for long hours can cause general wear-and-tear on your system. You can prolong your heater’s lifespan and save some electricity by regularly cycling it off, especially when you are out of the home. A programmable thermostat makes it easy. You can plug in your desired temperature settings for the times you are normally home and have the system shut off while you are away.

Air Filters

Inefficient air flow is a chief cause for subpar heating performance. A simple fix you can do yourself is replacing your air filters on a regular basis. This not only prevents blockages thereby improving air flow, but it can also provide better indoor air quality throughout your home. Take a glance at the size of your current air filter and look for a well-made replacement at your favorite local retailer. You should consider replacing your filter even more often if you have bad allergies or indoor pets.

Preventative Maintenance

Never wait until the last minute to service your heater. Once it is broken, it could cost you substantially more in repair fees than it would for simple annual maintenance. For the very best service, you should consider the Gold Star Inspection Program from Burnside. Burnside Air Conditioning Heating and Indoor Air Quality is the most trusted name in the business. Our Gold Star Inspection Program includes annual inspections and maintenance for your heating and air conditioning systems. Our certified technicians are standing by to provide outstanding service.

Keep your home’s heater in tip-top shape. Contact Burnside Air Conditioning Heating and Indoor Air Quality today at 972-439-9923 and ask about the Gold Star Inspection Program.

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