Terms & Conditions

  1. Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating and Indoor Air Quality is hereby referred to as “BACHIAQ”.
  2. I have the authority to order the work listed on the reverse side of this page and so order as outlined. It is agreed that the seller (BACHIAQ) will retain title to any equipment or materials installed until final and complete payment is made. If settlement is not made as agreed, the seller shall have the right to remove the same and the seller will be held harmless for any damages resulting from the removal thereof.
  3. I agree to pay the total amount listed on the BACHIAQ service or installation invoice, in accordance with the card issuer agreement.
  4. Unpaid accounts will be charged interest at the rate 2.0% per month, from the date the work was performed until the balance is paid in full.
  5. I consent to BACHIAQ contacting me via phone call, email, or text message. Any communications will be for official BACHIAQ business only.
  6. All parts, equipment and materials installed by BACHIAQ are covered by applicable manufacturers’ warranties and policies. Manufacturers warranties vary and may require homeowner to complete a registration. Homeowner is solely responsible for registering their equipment and/or products with the manufacturer within 30 days of installation. BACHIAQ assumes no responsibility for any product registrations.
  7. Installed equipment requires service twice per year by BACHIAQ to maintain the manufacturer’s warranties. Failure to provide required maintenance twice per year by an authorized contractor will void manufacturers’ warranties.
  8. System AHRI Efficiency Ratings (SEER/EER/HSPF/BTUH) that are Published on Our New System Replacement Proposals are Subject to Change Without Notice at the Discretion of AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute).
  9. Homeowner Authorized BACHIAQ to Execute Any and All Documents to Set Up Warranty with Equipment Manufacturer.
  10. BACHIAQ Requires That a Representative Adult (18 Years or Older) be Present at the Work Site/Residence at ALL Times When BACHIAQ is Present and Working.
  11. BACHIAQ Requires That All Animals/Pets and/or Infants/Toddlers Be Contained and Kept Well Away from Any Areas Where BACHIAQ is Working for the Entire Duration of the Work.
  12. Shipping, handling, processing, return trip charges and/or labor charges may apply to all warranty parts/ repairs.
  13. Payment in full, in advance, will be required for special order parts/ equipment. Special order parts or equipment are both non-returnable and non-refundable.
  14. Homeowner is solely responsible for submitting for any applicable manufacturer’s rebates. Manufacturers rebates MUST BE submitted within fourteen (14) days of the original installation. Failure to submit rebates within fourteen (14) days of the original installation will result in forfeiture of the rebates. BACHIAQ assumes no responsibility for manufacturers’ rebates.
  15. BACHIAQ provides a one (1) year labor warranty on any new equipment purchased and installed from BACHIAQ, effective from the date of installation. BACHIAQ provides a thirty (30) day labor warranty on any repair parts purchased and installed from BACHIAQ. Labor warranties can be extended for up to one (1) year on new repair parts with purchase of a qualifying Gold Star Membership. Some restrictions apply.
  16. Certain repair parts qualify for a five (5) year parts and labor warranty when installed for current and active Gold Star Members only. Those parts are strictly limited to truck stock universal thermostats, truck stock USA made capacitors and truck stock universal motors. Gold Star Special Extended Warranties on said parts will be voided if Gold Star Membership should lapse for a period of more than thirty (30) days.
  17. BACHIAQ offers NO WARRANTY on the installation of any stop-leak additives for any system(s) with refrigerant (freon) leaks. Stop-leak additives are only offered as an alternative to more costly repairs as a convenience to our customers. No such product is guaranteed to work by either BACHIAQ or the product manufacturer under any circumstances. BACHIAQ will not install a stop-leak additive to a system unless a refrigerant leak search is performed by BACHIAQ.
  18. BACHIAQ offers NO WARRANTY on adding refrigerant (freon) to a system with a suspected refrigerant leak(s). Performing a proper leak search is strongly recommended when a system is low on refrigerant to identify a course of action to correct the problem. Any refrigerant leak(s) that are identified and repaired will only have a thirty (30) day workmanship warranty on the actual performed repair site. Any additional leak(s) that occur or were not identified and repaired will not be warrantied and additional charges will apply.
  19. Certain problems may prevent your heating and cooling from operating properly that are not covered by any warranties. These problems include but are not limited to damage caused by birds, animals, insects, power outages, lack of maintenance, abuse of equipment, an act of nature (lightning, tornado, etc.) or any other improper or unauthorized use of equipment.
  20. BACHIAQ assumes no responsibility for any existing light switches or high voltage service disconnects not provided by and installed by BACHIAQ. Switches and service disconnects are turned off during the course of normal service for safety reasons and are expected to turn back on normally. If they do not back on from normal usage, BACHIAQ will not be held responsible.
  21. BACHIAQ assumes no responsibility for and make no warranties or representations, expressed or implied as to any existing equipment, parts, accessories or installations not provided or installed by BACHIAQ. Any warranty contained herein shall be solely limited to equipment, parts, accessories or installations provided by and installed by BACHIAQ.
  22. BACHIAQ assumes no responsibility for internet connectivity to Wi-Fi thermostats or other Wi-Fi connected HVAC devices. Home Wi-Fi networks are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.
  23. BACHIAQ assumes no responsibility for electrical, plumbing or any work of other parties, already existing or currently performed, seen or unseen.
  24. BACHIAQ does not recommend or approve installations of unmatched equipment. Unmatched equipment is defined as products from two different manufacturers or installations of high-efficiency equipment matched with standard efficiency equipment (unless approved by the manufacturer). Failure to install properly matched components of a system could result in problems that include but are not limited to: loss of efficiency, loss of capacity, premature equipment failure, voidance of manufacturers’ warranties, improper operation, humidity control issues, poor indoor air quality.
  25. I have read the above and agree to these terms and conditions. BACHIAQ reserves the right to amend or change these terms and conditions without notice.
  26. Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, 1-800-803-9202, 512-463-6599, www.tdlr.texas.gov



  1. Gold Star Memberships are twelve (12) month memberships and are billed on an annual basis. Gold Star Memberships will renew at the end of the twelve (12) month term
  2. Gold Star System inspections will be performed at approximately six (6) month intervals and are scheduled over the full twelve (12) month calendar to serve all of our clients. BACHIAQ will loosely schedule your appointments in advance and we will contact by text message, phone call(s), and email you as that time approaches to lock in a date and time that works for you. You may call BACHIAQ and schedule the appointment(s) yourself at any time if you wish to have the appointment(s) performed during a certain time of the season.
  3. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the homeowner, building owner, or tenant to contact BACHIAQ to schedule their routine Gold Star Service(s). Any Gold Star Service(s) that are not scheduled and completed will be forfeited and are non-refundable.
  4. Gold Star system inspections are performed any time during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and excludes holidays and weekends).
  5. Gold Star membership cancellation requires a thirty (30) day written notice or a thirty (30) day notice via email. An early termination fee of $50.00 will apply and any prepaid membership will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the term that was paid. Any Gold Star discounts given during the contract period on service call(s), repair(s), or equipment purchase(s) may be deducted from any granted refund(s).
  6. BACHIAQ reserves the right to terminate your Gold Star agreement with no notice. If Burnside A/C terminates your agreement, billing will cease upon termination.



  1. A/C condensation or other water leaks produced by equipment installed or serviced by BACHIAQ, but not directly related to our installation/ repair work is not covered by any warranty.
  2. BACHIAQ will not be responsible for water leakage and/ or resulting damage from any equipment installed or serviced by others.
  3. No warranties are expressed or implied for any existing condensation drain line(s), overflow protection devices, or for clearing any blockages from existing drain line(s).
  4. PVC drain lines require a proper solvent/ chemical weld, which requires both primer and glue or an approved primer/ glue combination solvent. Properly welded PVC joints are evidenced by either purple or blue traces at every connection and joints from the required primer. Improper solvent welds are prone to failure and thus leakage. BACHIAQ will not be responsible under any circumstances for damages resulting from a failed PVC joint that was not properly joined with a primer and glue solvent weld.
  5. BACHIAQ will not be responsible for any water leakage resulting from any manufacturers’ defects in primary or emergency drain pans. When BACHIAQ installs a new evaporator coil or air handler, there will be a ninety (90) day warranty against drain line blockage(s) effective from the date of installation. **See additional condensation & water information below**



Air Conditioners remove substantial moisture from the air as part of the normal cooling process. When the system is working properly, the water formed called condensation, is drained into the sewer system of your home. Sometimes problems occur and the water does not drain properly, resulting in a condition the industry refers to as a "condensate leak". These leaks could be caused by a blockage within the drain line, failure of a drain pan, or failed joints within the condensate pipe system. These condensate leaks may lead to damage to your home. Potential damage includes but may not be limited to problems with sheetrock, carpet, paint, wood floors, and other materials subject to water damage. It is common for damage from a condensate leak to not show up at the first sign of the leak. To help prevent water damage to your property, BACHIAQ strongly recommends and current building codes require the installation of overflow prevention devices for every HVAC systems’ condensation drain line(s).

In the event of a condensation drain line blockage, BACHIAQ will make every effort to remedy your condensate problem using state-of-the-art methods and highly skilled technicians. BACHIAQ will not be responsible for any damages that occur to your home, resulting from the original leak and water that has accumulated before we arrived or after repairs are made. BACHIAQ is not responsible for any mold or other biological growth that may occur from any water leak(s) inside your home.

Most condensate drains are connected to your sewer system near a sink or bathtub. When it is necessary to use a high-pressure cleaning device (the industry standard) to clean out your condensate drain, it is possible that dirt and debris from the sewer will be discharged through a plumbing fixture. We ask that you place a towel to cover each fixture where such discharge could cause damage or staining of your walls. BACHIAQ will not accept responsibility for any cleaning or painting that may result from such discharge during the cleaning process. Furthermore, when using high-pressure cleaning devices to unstop drains, it is possible that improperly sealed joints within your condensate drain system could come loose.

We will make every effort to inspect all accessible joints within the service area of the equipment where we are conducting our repairs. It is possible, however, that a fitting could come loose outside of the service area, hidden within the insulation, within the wall, or at the sewer connection. BACHIAQ will not be held responsible for any condensate leaks produced due to faulty or improperly installed fittings and condensate drain lines, whether in a visible or concealed location. This includes service repair costs, as well as damage repair costs. In situations such as this, we will be happy to assist you with pictures and written documentation of our findings so that you may contact your insurance company.