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You Should Know The Best Thermostat Settings For All Seasons

Know Which Are the Best Thermostat Settings to Keep During the Cold and Warm Months

Professional McKinney air conditioning and heating service technicians are sharing a couple of tips with you to help you prepare for any season of the year. Your role as a homeowner is to make sure that your home is a safe and comfortable place for you and your loved ones.

The thermostat is like the remote control for your home and when it’s set at the right temperature, your household can remain perfect throughout the day. This article will discuss the ideal temperature setting for the best comfort and energy performance in any season.

The Ideal Thermostat Setting During the Cold Months of the Year

cold monthsIt’s that time of the year when you have your thermostat set to the ideal sleeping temperature, and you wake up to a chillier home or your heating has been kicking on throughout your home to keep it warm.

Everyone wants to come home to a warmer temperature than what it is outdoors, but without the increase of energy bills in the process. Now, you have the perfect opportunity to decrease your bills, especially with the upcoming holidays, when you have your thermostat set to the ideal degree of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the Fall and the approaching Winter season, it’s most ideal to have your thermostat set to that degree because it keeps your home at the right level of coolness without causing your occupants to get too toasty as they are performing household chores or activities.

Keep Your Thermostat At This Temperature During the Warm Months of the Year

As Spring and Summer cycle back around, the household members are ready and eager in welcoming the rise in the outdoor temperature. After an eventful day outside, no one wants to walk into their home with the indoor temperature feeling no different than being outdoors.

warm months

The expert technicians at Burnside in McKinney suggest that the best thermostat temperature during the warm Spring and Summer months is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Your thermostat set at this ideal degree will keep your household enjoyable without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable when you return home.

Why These Temperatures Are Best for an Empty House

empty houseSince your household may have schedules that intersect and conflict at times, there’s no reason for an empty house to maintain a comfortable temperature whenever the occupants are away.

Not only is energy and power unappreciated in an empty house, but you’re spending money that could be used elsewhere.

These thermostat settings are ideal for the months of the year because, during the warm months, your HVAC system will not be working as much to keep your home cool when there are no occupants inside.

Plus, it won’t have to factor in the additional body heat to play into the house’s temperature and affect the system. As for the cool months, your home will be set where you will not be welcomed by overwhelmingly hot temperatures.

It’s important to make sure that your home’s temperature is set to a leveled temperature whenever the occupants are away in order to provide a smooth transition from hot to cold or vice versa. When exposed to temperatures that are inconsistent and fluctuate, it makes a person more vulnerable to illness when transitioning quickly from two different temperature settings.

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