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Unexpected Perk of HVAC Maintenance? More Money for Holiday Shopping!

Spend More on Holiday Gifts by Spending Less on HVAC Expenses

Don't allow a broken HVAC system to damper the holiday spirit. Often, a homeowner needs to spend money to save money. Maintenance fees and tune-ups are never a welcome expense, but they can save homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run. 

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of an HVAC replacement is $7,000, and a new installation can cost up to $12,500. Maintenance fees are chump change compared to the potential costs that can accumulate from neglecting seasonal tune-ups. 

In this article, HVAC experts share helpful benefits of maintenance and why homeowners should schedule an appointment today! 

The Dangers of Cutting Corners With Air Filter Replacements

holding a filter

Air filters are in place to help control the air quality. The air filter prevents contaminants from being pushed throughout the house by the airflow. While there are obvious health benefits associated with preventing contaminants from worsening a household's air quality, replacing the air filter also has financial perks. If a dirty air filter is left unreplaced for too long, new pollutants will accumulate in the ducts, fan blades, and cooling coils. 

The dust build-up will jam the works, ruin the HVAC unit from the inside, and block airflow. The clogged air filter will make the unit work harder to get the air to the rest of the house, meaning higher energy bills. All in all, skipping an air filter replacement will save a homeowner a small expense and gain them health issues, costly repairs, and sky-high bills. 

Upgrade To a Programmable Thermostat 

For a time, a myth persisted that keeping a household's thermostat set to the same temperature will save homeowners money. This idea originated from the fact that an HVAC unit needs more energy to reach a new temperature. While this may be true, the extra effort to either heat up or cool down a household is not comparable to the energy used to maintain a consistently higher or lower temperature. 


An AC unit set at 66 degrees throughout the day and night uses more energy than an AC unit that switches to 70 degrees for parts of the day or night. Programmable thermostats have made this type of energy conservation completely effortless. Homeowners will see the difference in their bills when they set the thermostat to automatically change the temperature when it is less important to maintain a comfortable household. Consult with an HVAC expert about how to best take advantage of the benefits of a programmable thermostat. 

Be Proactive With Heater/Cooling Maintenance Checks

Not many homeowners spend their days preoccupied with their HVAC systems. This invisible necessity for a happy home may be easy to neglect, but that doesn't mean that it should be. Ignoring HVAC maintenance checks will always save a small amount of money in the short-term and nearly always cost much more later on. Try scheduling HVAC checks at the same time each year to help remember this vital task. 

Fall is a great time for heater tune-ups. Call a local HVAC professional for the best possible HVAC maintenance. 

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