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The Process of Air Duct Cleaning

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The Benefits of Cleaning Ducts This Spring

Spring cleaning is when homeowners open their windows and give their homes a deep clean. No, we aren't talking about just a little sweeping and mopping. We're talking about scrubbing the internal workings of the HVAC system, which includes the ducts. Air ducts are responsible for circulating the air from the heating and cooling system in and out of each room. This allows the air to remain consistently comfortable. 

However, the more that goes through the ducts of this system, the more likely it is to have bacteria and debris buildup. The cleaning of the ducts can greatly improve the air quality in the home. Homeowners don't have to do it every year, but once every couple of years. 

When Should Ducts Be Cleaned?

Air cleaning routines greatly depend on various factors, including the homeowner's climate and location. If they live in a humid environment, their ducts may need more frequent cleaning as mold and bacteria can build up in the system quicker than in dry environments.

The homeowner should call a specialist if they notice any illnesses such as lingering colds, sinus infections, rodent infestations, mold during remodels and renovations, and if insects are making a home in the ductwork. 

Clean Duct Benefits

There are quite a few benefits to cleaning the ductwork every couple of years. One of the major benefits is that it creates a cleaner living environment. The clean ducts reduce the dust that would have circulated through the home otherwise. It also reduces the amount of time spend on interior cleaning. 

Clean ducts also reduce allergens and irritants. Since there's no dust in the ducts to make their way into the home, there are no harmful contaminants and microorganisms to exacerbate allergy symptoms. Additionally, it can help everyone breathe easier, especially if they suffer from respiratory issues. When unpleasant odors and smells are eliminated from the home, airflow efficiency is greatly improved. 

Tips for Keeping Ducts Clean

One of the best ways to ensure that the ducts stay clean between cleanings is to keep the home free of dust. Dust, pollen, and dander from animals can build up in the ducts if they are lingering throughout the home. Homeowners should clean the floors and surfaces of the home with a broom, vacuum, or mop. 

Next, they should replace air filters. These filters can catch most of the pollutants that make their way into the home. They may only need replacement once every three months or once a month if there are pets in the home. 

Lastly, homeowners should keep their air vents open. When they are closed, the debris and dirt can accumulate at a faster rate. There is a lever that enables homeowners to open and close. They should be open as often as possible. 

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