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Responsive Heater Repairs Can Save the Holidays

Keep Homes Warm and Inviting Through the Winter

“There’s no place like home for the holidays!” That is, unless the home has a broken furnace and it’s freezing inside. There is no great time to have a heater break down but having it out of service for the holidays is truly upsetting. For homeowners, the holidays are often an opportunity to have guests over and entertain friends and family. However, when the heater isn’t working, plans have to be canceled, and a home’s occupants have to live in misery.

Going into the holiday season, homeowners need to arm themselves with knowledge so that they can avoid having to deal with a broken heater during this special time of year. 

Signs That a Heater Is About To Break Down

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Most machines don’t just break down out of the blue. Many times they give indications that there are problems brewing before they quit completely. Learning to recognize the signs can help a homeowner preempt heater problems by getting them dealt with before they get serious, or they can respond immediately to serious problems. 

Some of these signs can include: 

  • Insufficient Heat: Low heat or no heat is a sign that a heater is broken. Sometimes the fix is as easy as replacing the dirty filters. Other times a professional should be called immediately for repairs. 
  • Unusual Noises: Grinding and screeching noises are probably an indicator that bearings are going bad or belts have come loose inside the furnace blower. A technician can tighten belts and lubricate bearings to quiet them down. 
  • High Utility Bills: High bills indicate that the furnace is running too often and losing efficiency. In extreme cases, an inefficient furnace can even produce dangerous carbon monoxide gas. 
  • Time Since Professional Maintenance Service: Professional heater maintenance is necessary to maintain warranties and get the most out of a heater. Signing up for professional maintenance services can help homeowners get more reliable service out of their heater, especially during the holidays.  


Risks of a Broken Heater

Modern homes are designed with the idea that they will be conditioned against heat, cold, and humidity. When a home’s temperature is allowed to drop too far, there is a real risk of freezing pipes and chilly occupants. Uncomfortable occupants can be dealt with, but freezing pipes can be a real risk of damage to a home. 

Heaters can produce dangerous gases and be a fire hazard if allowed to malfunction. Carbon monoxide gas is a danger that should inspire homeowners to take precautions. Carbon monoxide alarms and routine maintenance can help neutralize this threat. 

Common Problems and Professional Solutions


One of the most common problems with furnaces is dirty filters. During the winter, people and pets tend to stay inside more. This allows them to produce more dust that suspends in the air and finds its way to furnace filters. The professional solution to this problem is filter service from a licensed contractor. Homeowners can also take matters into their own hands and replace filters often. 

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