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Make Sure Your Air Quality Matches the Quality of Your Love This Valentine's Day

Make Sure the Air Quality Enhances the Romance This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day should be an intimate time with that special someone. Loving looks and quality conversations shared over a candlelit meal should be par for the course. However, if the air quality is less than ideal, coughing and watering eyes could be the main course for Valentine's Day instead of romance.

Everyday Air Pollutants

As it turns out, many things can harm indoor air quality. Here are a few things that homeowners should keep an eye out for: One of the most common culprits is asbestos. Though the product itself has been banned from use for a long while, it was used in building materials in everything from roof shingles to fire-retardant. 

Another common pollutant is what is known as biological pollutants. Anything from pet dander or humidifiers that can lead to mold growth falls into the category of biological pollutants if not carefully monitored. Living near a construction site can also lead to poor indoor air quality. Even though it may not look like it, tiny particles can carry from dirty and dusty construction sites and find their way into homes.

The Differences Between Air Purifier and Air Sanitizer


If a homeowner wants to improve air quality in their home, there are two ways to do so. The first option is an air purifier. The air purifier works by using a filtration system to catch and remove harmful particles from the air. If a homeowner has a pet, this is a good option for catching those dander, mite, or litter particles in the air. 

On the other hand, air sanitizers use ultraviolet light rays to counterbalance harmful chemicals present in the air. If a homeowner lives near an active construction or their home is older and there are asbestos issues, an air sanitizer may be an important step in improving their home's air quality for healthy and safe living.

Everyday Actions To Better Air Quality

While there are many ways that air quality can be negatively affected, and it can be overwhelming to figure out how to improve it, there are some simple actions that can be taken by any homeowner.

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These include:

  • If there is a pet in the home, particularly a cat, the homeowner should make sure the litter box is cleaned and taken out regularly. 
  • If there is a dehumidifier in the home, homeowners should check it regularly for signs of mold and clean it when necessary. 
  • Dusting regularly can also minimize the biological pollutants that cause allergies or illnesses. Replacing clogged air filters regularly also helps.
  • If there is a smoker or tobacco user in the home, homeowners should enforce the rule that they can only smoke outside. 
  • If there is a wood burning or similar stove, homeowners should make sure the ventilation is working properly and smoke isn't pouring into the home

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