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Is the Price of an HVAC Maintenance Plan Worth It?

The Details and Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Plan for the Home

HVAC systems are like any other complex system. They need care and maintenance regularly to keep them operating at peak performance and prevent HVAC emergencies. But in today's busy world, this is often hard for homeowners to remember to do. They may start to do the required maintenance themselves, not realizing how much research and work it will take to do it correctly. Plus, life tends to get in the way. Things get busy, and pretty soon, months have passed, and the maintenance hasn't been done. 

One great option for homeowners is the HVAC maintenance plans that many HVAC companies offer. But are they worth the price? Read on to find out. 

What Exactly Is a Maintenance Membership Plan?

A Maintenance Membership Plan is just what it sounds like: a plan to protect and care for the home's HVAC system. This means that professionals look after both the air conditioning system and the heating system. Not only does this ensure that the HVAC system stays healthy, but it also prevents minor issues that can lead to major ones if left alone. 

A Maintenance Membership plan is also important because most manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance inspections performed by a certified technician. These membership plans also ensure that homeowners aren't throwing money out the window with inefficient heating and cooling. When the HVAC system is healthy, it means that it's running efficiently, saving money on utility bills. 

Never Get Behind on Maintenance Service Againcalendar

Getting behind on maintenance service is the last thing anyone wants for the health of their HVAC system. While better late than never is accurate in this case, on-time is much better. And with a Maintenance Membership Plan, homeowners no longer have to worry about getting behind on maintenance service again because it's in the capable hands of HVAC professionals. 

The plan includes annual inspections for both the heating and the air conditioning systems at reduced rates. The inspections meet and exceed manufacturer warranty requirements, so homeowners can have the peace of mind that comes with professional annual inspections. 

Other Benefits and Discounts red letters

Saving money on annual inspections and operating costs aren't the only benefits to the Maintenance Membership Plan. Most companies offer a wide range of other benefits and discounts for members. These often include:
  • Discounts on new equipment purchases. 
  • Guaranteed service within 24-hours of calling. 
  • A hefty discount on all heating or air conditioning repairs.
  • Parts and labor extended warranties on repairs. 
  • One-year warranty on all repairs. 

Most companies offer membership plans that are fully transferable, which is great for those homeowners looking to move into a new home. So when one considers all the time- and money-saving options of Maintenance Membership Plans, it becomes clear that they are, in fact, worth the money. 

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