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Insanely Cool Facts About Air Conditioning That Homeowners Should Know!

It’s Time Homeowners Knew These Cool Facts 

Air conditioning is one of the most essential systems in the modern home. Without it, many homes wouldn’t even be considered safe to live in during the summer months. Indoor air conditioning changed the way the world works from the moment it was invented. It is only fitting that the world took one day out of the year to celebrate its existence. 

Still, most homeowners don’t know a day specifically to commemorate all that air conditioning has done and continues to do for homeowners and the rest of society. Below is more information about National AC Day and other fun facts about air conditioning homeowners should know!

National AC Day Is July 17th ac

National AC Day is coming up, and there are different things that homeowners can do to commemorate the occasion. 

Homeowners can:

  • Change the air filter: A new air filter ensures that the system isn’t overworking itself and remains as efficient as possible. 
  • Schedule professional maintenance: Professional maintenance services will check the ac over for anything that might be wrong. In a sense, it’s as if the homeowner is taking their ac to the spa for the day. What’s better than that?
  • Stay inside: Enjoy the ac a little extra today by staying inside!
  • Turn it off: Or homeowners can do the opposite and turn the ac off for the day to give themselves a glimpse into what it would be like not to have indoor air conditioning. 

Homeowners can even try learning more about air conditioning history by reading further! 

An American Invented the AC

Some people might be surprised by this information, but the air conditioner was invented in New York in 1902 by an American engineer named Willis Carrier. What’s even crazier is he wasn’t even trying to invent something that would cool down homes and buildings. He was trying to create something that would effectively cool down printers, so they didn’t overheat. 

Instead, Carrier invented what would become a billion-dollar industry that would change America and the rest of the world forever!

Now, nearly every home and building in America is kept cool and humidity-free with the help of the modern air conditioner. Throughout the last 120 years, his initial invention hasn’t even changed. There are numerous different air conditioners and brands to choose from now, but they are all fundamentally the same. They all have two units, an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser unit, and they all send the warm air out to the condenser unit to cool before coming back inside to cool the home. 

The Phrase “Summer Blockbuster” Originated Because of the ACtheater

The term “summer blockbuster” was originally adopted in 1975 when the movie Jaws came out. However, it wasn’t a term used to promote the movie specifically. Rather, it was a term adopted because of the air conditioner. Movie theaters had air conditioners installed during this time, and people would rush to the theater to escape the heat of summer while watching a new movie. 

“Summer blockbuster” started getting used so much that the media then adopted the term. Beginning with the movie Jaws, the media would use the term to describe new and highly anticipated movies that came out during the summer. 

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