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HVAC FAQ's: Common Questions About Heating, Ventilation, and Air Systems

Professional Answers To HVAC FAQ’s

The new year is a chance to reevaluate daily habits and make small improvements that equal up to greater success, happiness, and health. The air quality in your home can have a great effect on your health, and doing proper maintenance on your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems is the best way to ensure clean, healthy air.

Dirty filters, ducts, and poor ventilation can all contribute to respiratory problems and HVAC system failures. To start this year off right, HVAC experts from McKinney, TX and surrounding areas want to share their answers to some of the common HVAC FAQs that they hear every day.

Three Easy SolutionsTo Improving Air Quality

Do Your Spring Cleaning Early

improving air qualityThe main cause of impurities in the air is environmental, and keeping the space you live in clean is a powerful step in improving air quality in your home. Regular dusting and tidying will reduce the number of germs and dust in the air and make it easier to breathe.

Animal hair, dead skin particles, and dirt can all build up in the home and particles can be distributed via the air duct system if it isn’t cleaned regularly.

Let Some Air In

Proper ventilation is essential to healthy breathing air, this is because even if the air is clean it can become stuffy and stale in an enclosed space. In some cases, a ventilator may be required, but you can improve the air quality in your home without spending any money by turning on some fans and opening the windows to create airflow.

Humidifiers, Ionizers, and Purifiers

There are many products on the market that claim to improve air quality. While some of these products may make bogus claims and may even contain harmful chemicals, there are also high-quality and technologically advanced air purifiers and humidifiers available from reputable manufacturers. You should always read purifier reviews and product details to check for red flags, such as dangerous chemicals, often contained in “aromatherapy” features of humidifiers. For stale, dry air, a humidifier can offer powerful relief and make it easier to breathe.

How Often You Should Be Changing Air Filters

The air filter is usually placed within the HVAC system, although they are sometimes placed in the ducts instead or in addition. The air filter captures tiny particles such as dust, hair, and dander. Using the right air filter improves the quality of the air for breathing and also extends the lifespan of your heating and air system because the build-up of dust, hair, and other particles can cause problems with function over time.

changing air filters

Air filters should be changed at least every three to five months, and in homes with pets or smokers, they should be changed more often, more like every two months. By checking your current air filter or by measuring the hole where the air filter is meant to go you can determine what size air filter is needed. The proper size is important to prevent particles from getting past. Changing air filters takes only a few minutes and is very important to the quality of air in your home.

Is Air Duct Cleaning a Good Option?

air duct cleaningAir duct cleaning is an often forgotten maintenance step, but as air is carried through the ducts, along with it can be carried small amounts of particles such as dust, hair, and dirt. As time passes, these particles can build up in the air ducts. If you smoke or have pets, the air ducts can become dirty very fast.

Having professional air duct cleaning services done every six months to a year can help improve the air quality and extend the lifetime of your home ventilation system. Best of all, it’s also an opportunity for contractors to determine if damaged air ducts are also a cause for concern in your home.

Your Local HVAC Experts

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