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How To Set the Thermostat for the Most Efficiency

Tips for Setting the Perfect Indoor Temperature for Any Season 

The entire purpose of heating and cooling systems is to optimize indoor comfort while maintaining the safest and most efficient home possible. Whether it’s a heating service or air conditioning service, homeowners should have their system maintained and repaired as soon as possible to keep their homes in safe working order all year round. Aside from ensuring the system always works safely, efficiency is equally as important. Efficient homes will save homeowners loads of money on energy costs and repair bills. 

Below is all the information homeowners need to keep their homes at the perfect temperature all year round. 

Stay Comfortable and Save Money During the Fall and Winterfall

It sometimes depends on certain factors, like:  
  • The structure of the home
  • How old the home and insulation are
  • How big the home is

Still, there are general rules to help save homeowners the most money possible. 

During the fall and winter months, homeowners should set their homes between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit while home during the day. If homeowners can manage it, cooling the home off to 65 degrees during the night is the best way to save money. Many people prefer it to be cooler while they sleep anyway, so this could be an easy adjustment for more people. 

Professionals find that keeping the home at these specific temperature ranges means the heating system doesn’t overwork itself, and the homeowner is still warm and cozy inside their home. In other words, the system works at peak efficiency when the thermostat is set to these temperatures. 

Save Money During the Spring and Summer Too!

Homeowners should keep their homes around 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the spring and summer. Of course, it depends on different factors of the home itself, but for the most part, this temperature range works the best at conserving energy, conserving the system, and saving the homeowner money. 

Conserve Energy and Money When No One’s Home!home

The easiest way to conserve energy and money when no one is home is to set the thermostat to 65 degrees during the winter months. 

Some homeowners believe that turning the system off while away is the best option to save money. This might be true for the spring and fall months, but it is better to keep the system running throughout the day when the weather is extra cold outside. Setting the thermostat to a lower temperature means the system still isn’t overworking itself to warm a house with no one in it. Still, it ensures the home stays warm enough so that when people do get home, it doesn’t have to work twice as hard to heat the entire home back up. 

The summer is quite similar, only homeowners should let their home get a little hotter during the day. The suggested temperature to set the home at during the summer when no one is home is around 75 degrees. It gives the system a break without starting from ground zero when the household returns for the evening. 

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