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How to Choose the Best Allergy Relief Filter

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Tips for Choosing an Allergy Relief Filter for Your Home

Ever since March of 2020, people across the world have been in panic mode. Everyone is worried about protecting themselves and keeping their families safe from airborne viruses, which has resulted in a lot of panic-purchases and social distancing.

These times have produced so much alarm that people with seasonal allergies, who are taking every precaution and being safe during their outings, are afraid to cough or sneeze in public for fear of worrying about their neighbors and fellow community members.

If you are someone who gets sniffly every spring, read on to discover the best air filters to keep your allergies at bay and protect yourself from awkward stares in public.

HEPA Filters for Your Home

Having a HEPA air filter installed in your home is an excellent way to ensure your allergies stay in control during this season. HEPA filters trap airborne particles such as:

  • hepa filtersPollen
  • Pet Dandruff
  • Mold
  • Dust Mites
  • Tobacco Smoke

All of these impurities cause your allergies to flare up every spring. HEPA filters work by forcing air out through mesh that traps harmful pollens before they have a chance to trigger an allergic reaction. HEPA Filters are standard and used by many trusted brands such as Blueair, Dyson, and Honeywell.

Why Choose a Charcoal Filter?

charcoal filters

On top of trapping airborne particles that trigger allergies, charcoal filters work to trap fumes from entering your living space.

By forcing air through a bed of activated charcoal, these filters effectively remove VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds that come from burning gas, wood, or kerosene as well as from many common household products such as perfumes, cleaning agents, paints, etc.

VOCs tend to produce an unpleasant odor and have been known to trigger asthma and can worsen the effects of seasonal allergies in individuals. If your household uses lots of products that release VOCs into the air, consider installing a charcoal filter. These filters can be a solution for individuals who have asthma or those who are worried about their seasonal allergies worsening this spring.

Environmentally Conscious Filters

eco friendlyHEPA Eco Mode filters are also available for installation in your home. Like HEPA filters, they trap allergens before they trigger your allergies while also limiting the amount of energy used to run the filter, lowering your household’s overall reliance on fossil fuels.

These filters often have automatic shutoff that stops the filter from working after no pollen has been detected for 30 minutes. Also, HEPA Eco Mode filters are made out of environmentally friendly materials.

Consider installing a HEPA Eco Mode filter if you want to improve your home’s overall air quality while reducing your household’s energy use.

Whichever filter you choose to install in your home, it’s always a smart idea to check with an HVAC professional before investing in a household filter. An expert can give you more information about the pros and cons of each filter and help you make a more informed decision.

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