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Heating and Cooling Bad Habits That Are Costing You Money

Avoid the Same Heating and Cooling Mistakes As Last Year 

Going into 2022, homeowners should resolve to not make the same avoidable heating and cooling mistakes as last year. To get the year started off right, air filters should be changed on time and a maintenance schedule set! Here are three heating and cooling mistakes not to make this year. 

Forgetting to Replace Air Filters air filter

Air filter replacement is essential for optimizing the performance of the HVAC system. Air filters keep the inside of the HVAC system clean from dust and debris to prevent system malfunction. Go long enough without changing an air filter, and the heating and cooling system will fail. 

Most air filters need to be replaced every three months, roughly every 90 days. Homes with multiple pets, smokers, or large families may need to replace their filters frequently. Air filters also help to prevent allergens from circulating in the air. 

Changing the air filter usually only takes a few minutes, and the filters themselves are inexpensive, so there is no good reason to put it off long enough for the system to break down. This year, homeowners should resolve to always change their air filters on time. 

vents Closing or Covering Air Vents 

Central air conditioning and central heating use a system of ductwork within the walls to circulate heat throughout the house from the HVAC unit. The heat enters each room through a system of air vents. 

Most air vents can shut the grate covering the vent to stop the airflow. It is not recommended to use this feature while the heat or AC is on. With the vent shut, there is an imbalance of pressure from the airflow within the system that could cause the HVAC system malfunction. Homeowners should never place furniture over or cover air vents. 

With the airflow from the vents blocked off, the AC unit will work harder to make up for the closed vent. This can cause a spike in utility bills and waste energy. More wear and tear on the system will also lead to more frequent AC repairs as the system ages. 

Skipping Maintenance Appointments

In addition to changing the air filters every three months, HVAC systems need bi-annual heater maintenance from an experienced HVAC technician. AC maintenance mostly involves cleaning the inside of the unit and checking for broken parts. Some AC units use coolant liquid which may need to be replaced during maintenance appointments. 

Heater maintenance can be more dangerous because furnaces and boilers contain high temperatures internally. Maintenance should be left up to an experienced heating technician for this reason and to avoid accidents resulting in personal injury. Skipping maintenance appointments could lead to the homeowner leaving the heater in disrepair for longer, which is dangerous due to the high temperatures inside. 

During maintenance appointments, the technician will ensure that everything in the system is running smoothly. Catching small problems early on helps to prevent total system failure. One should replace broken and old parts during bi-annual maintenance appointments to improve the system's longevity. 

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