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Get Chills From Scary Movies, Not From a Broken Heater

Prevent a Broken Heater From Ruining Scary Movie Nights by Looking Out for These Signs

Fall is filled with warm colors as the leaves turn to red, orange, and yellow. It's filled with fun costumes and buckets of candy. It's filled with spooky decor and scary movie nights, and so much more! But one thing that isn't fun in the fall is heater problems. As the weather starts to cool off, homeowners need to ensure that their heater works properly and that the home is prepared for the coming months. 

The heater will tell homeowners when something isn't right. Homeowners need to know how to listen for those signs.

Home Not Heating Up

If the home is not heating or is blowing cold air from the vents instead of warm air, this is a big sign that the heater is having problems. Homeowners should test the heater themselves or have a professional HVAC technician check out the heater to ensure it's working. 

There are a variety of reasons that the heater may not work. The heater will most commonly malfunction if a component is broken or worn down to the point where it can't do its job. Or if the heater has reached the end of its lifespan, it can have a hard time efficiently heating the house. Homeowners should hire a professional to inspect the heater and figure out the underlying reason for the issue at hand.

Loud and Unusual Signs

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Another common way that the heater or furnace will signal something is wrong is through loud or unusual noises. Some noises that homeowners might come across include:

  1. Scraping/grinding: Typically, this is a sign of a broken blower wheel. This broken component can cause serious heater problems since the blower wheel is responsible for sending conditioned air through the rest of the home.
  2. Banging: If there are loud banging noises coming from the heater, it could be a sign that the temperatures are fluctuating too frequently, causing the duct walls to shift. A dirty gas burner, in gas-powered heaters, could also be the cause of this banging noise.
  3. Screeching: When homeowners hear a screeching noise, it is often the blower motor, blower belt, or shaft bearings experiencing problems due to poor maintenance.

Sudden Rise in Electric Bill

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Another easy sign for homeowners to spot is a rise in the electric bill. Checking out the utility bills each month is a great way to spot any inefficiencies at home. If the total cost is twice as high as the previous month, something is going on. Homeowners should carefully look at these bills each month to notice any new trends, even when the payment is automatically withdrawn. If the spike in cost is noticed right away and the problem is resolved, it can save homeowners a lot of money on utility bills in the future.

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