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Freezing Temperatures Don't Have To Damage the Home

A Few Things About Winter Damage Control

Maintaining the home’s heating and AC systems is important regardless of the time of year. That said, during the winter, there are a few extra things that every homeowner should be doing. These three things will not only prepare them for unexpected winter weather but will protect their home from damages as well. 

Winter weather damage is arguably more dangerous than flooding in the home. If the freezing temperatures cause the heating system to freeze, the homeowner will likely have to spend more to have them repaired in the end. Below are three tips that can help every homeowner prevent damages during unexpected winter weather conditions. 

Winterization Is Key


From this day forth, every Texan homeowner should have a list of winterization guidelines that they follow. Doing so will ensure the home is prepared when emergency weather strikes. 

Below are a few things that every homeowner should do during the winter months: 

  • Make sure the gutters are clean to prevent ice dams in the gutters
  • Make sure all outdoor staircases and concrete is safe
  • Keep a bag of salt in the home
  • Always have at least one large shovel
  • Protect the piping system
  • Inspect the home for cracks and recaulk every fall
  • Make sure all systems are always properly maintained
  • Have extra blankets in the home just in case the heat goes out

Of course, having a basic winter survival kit in the garage is always a plus. However, the main thing to protect first is the home because the home protects the family from the winter weather. 

insulation Is the Home Insulated Yet?

If the home hasn’t been insulated in a while, it might be time to do it again. Insulation provides a protective layer for the entire home. The material used for this service traps in warm air in the process, which keeps the home’s heating and cooling systems from freezing. 

In the past, Texan homeowners may have skipped out on upgrading their insulation because they didn’t need it. It’s apparent after the events of last month, however, that the added protection is necessary, as it can save the homeowner from losing their home entirely. 

An Emergency Heat Source Is a Must

A back-up generator or space heater is required for the best overall protection. If homeowners winterize their homes and purchase extra emergency heat sources, they significantly reduce their chances of having issues when the weather gets colder. 

Most Texas homeowners lost power, and many still are struggling to have theirs turned back on. A back-up generator provides the home with power when the power goes out. In turn, the heat stays on, the home stays protected, and the family stays safe.  

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