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Facts About HVAC Mechanical Wear and Tear that Will Blow Homeowners' Minds

The Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About HVAC Mechanical Wear and Tear

Nearly every material item that a person can own has the potential for wear and tear. Cars are probably one of the most common products that come to mind when thinking about wear and tear; they experience a lot of it. That’s why cars require routine oil changes, tire rotations, and windshield wiper replacements every so often. The fact is that over time, things need to be replaced. The same can be said of the HVAC system.

Like a car and other material objects, an HVAC system also experiences wear and tear, especially in its mechanical components. For most homes, at least those that experience extreme weather conditions, the HVAC system is used all day every day, so of course, it can be expected that the components start to erode and wear down over time from being used so often.

HVAC Wear and Tear on Individual Components

hvac wear and tearEver tried to put a puzzle together, but are missing the final piece? The proper functionality of an HVAC system is like that. If one component of the HVAC system is worn down or broken, the rest of the system can’t do its job and can result in further damage.

The “heart and soul” components of the HVAC system are the most common pieces to experience mechanical wear and tear.

Wear and tear is most frequently experienced by belts, bearings, compressors, and motors. Each of these components is essential to the functionality of the HVAC unit. When one is worn down and can’t serve its purpose, the entire HVAC unit starts to experience problems.

Wear and Tear Causes HVAC Damages

When an individual HVAC system component experiences wear and tear, it can cause the entire HVAC unit to experience some serious issues. Overheating, poor cooling, heating and airflow problems, and more are all common results of wear and tear. For example, when the motor wears down, it results in overheating by placing strain on the other moving parts of the system.

hvac damages

As a compressor wears down, it starts to work harder to do the same job. This creates friction, causing the compressor to become tight and potentially fail. It’s important to expose these damages to figure out a solution to fix them.

Why HVAC Problems Should be Resolved

why hvac problemsAs mentioned the wear and tear of belts, bearings, compressors, motors, and more can experience a lot of wear and tear. These “exclusive” damages are not so exclusive after all. They can cause additional friction and damage to the rest of the HVAC system.

To prevent these larger problems from happening, homeowners must use proper HVAC parts maintenance techniques. Regularly scheduling an HVAC professional to examine the unit can allow worn-out components to be detected and replaced before resulting in too much damage.

Even the smallest problem inside your air conditioner can prevent you from getting air, stop your system from working all together or cost you thousands in increased energy costs. Because of this, getting a repair done by a professional quickly is the best way to protect your home and budget.

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