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Dehumidifiers Are Must-Haves This Summer!

Three Reasons To Invest in Dehumidifiers This Summer

Dehumidifiers are an absolute must-have for homeowners this summer. Hot and muggy weather makes for extremely damp in-home conditions, and with summer just around the corner, homeowners need to be prepared. This is where dehumidifiers come into play!

Investing in a dehumidifier will allow homeowners to control their in-home conditions and avoid the detrimental effects of excessive moisture in hot and humid conditions. Still not convinced? Read on to see why all homeowners should invest in dehumidifiers this summer.

Removes Dampness and Damp-Related Odors

odors The first reason why homeowners should invest in dehumidifiers this summer is that these can help to remove dampness and damp-related odors. At their most basic level, dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air inside homes. They process the air by removing water and releasing drier, cooler air back into the homes.

Refrigerant, desiccant, and whole-house dehumidifiers all operate in slightly different ways, but ultimately, they achieve the same outcome of removing dampness for homeowners. This dampness can also result in foul odors, so dehumidifiers also limit damp-related odors by creating a drier environment.

Reduces Mold Buildups

The second reason homeowners should invest in dehumidifiers this summer is that these can reduce mold buildup – and this is largely related to dampness removal described above. When the air within homes is damp, it can create condensation on surfaces like the ceilings, walls, and windows, and these conditions are ideal for mold growth.

By using dehumidifiers, homeowners can significantly reduce indoor humidity and therefore greatly reduce mold buildups. As with dampness, mold can also lead to foul odors, so homeowners will also avoid unpleasant smells by investing in dehumidifiers!

What’s even more compelling is the fact that mold buildups can be harmful to homeowners and their families. Airborne mold spores can cause mild reactions like congestion, dry skin, itching, running nose, and sneezing. And in more severe cases, spores can enter the lungs and lead to bad asthmatic episodes. Dehumidifiers help to avoid these issues altogether!

Prevents Damage To Hardwood Floors

wood flors The third reason homeowners should invest in dehumidifiers this summer is that these can prevent damage to hardwood floors. This is largely related to how dehumidifiers limit mold buildups. Mold tends to grow on wood, so homeowners’ hardwood floors are at high risk during humid conditions. If dampness is not properly addressed, the hardwood floors may ultimately buckle, crown, or warp. And in severe cases, this can weaken the home structure and put it at risk of partial collapse.

Thus, there is a clear domino effect during humid, damp conditions. Dampness can accumulate and encourage mold buildups, which can ruin hardwood floors and have consequences for the entire home. Dehumidifiers are key to preventing this and allowing homeowners to keep their homes safe and much more enjoyable to live in!

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