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Are Those Spooky Sounds at Home or Just a Noisy HVAC System?

Are Your HVAC's Noises Spooking You?

Imaginations can run wild during the month of October, turning every small sound in the house into a spooky one. During the quiet hours of the night, these sounds can escalate and make even the coziest of houses feel like a haunted one. While it’s fun to enjoy some of the spookiest sounds of the season, it’s also nice to identify the source of those sounds.

Rather than being the local ghost, many times unidentified sounds are caused by a noisy air conditioning and heating system. Knowing what to listen for can help homeowners identify and address HVAC issues without having to lose any sleep over concerning noises.

The Hissing Sounds of a Refrigerant Leak

A hissing sound from an HVAC unit usually indicates that there is a refrigerant leak. A hole or crack in coils can cause a refrigerant leak. With smaller leaks, a hissing sound will result. For larger leaks, it’s more of a gurgling sound.

refrigerant leaks

In addition to making unusual sounds, other indications of a leak are a decrease in cooling power, an increase in electrical bills, vents not blowing cool air and frozen coils. Anytime these issues are present, it’s important to contact an HVAC professional before issues worsen or leaking refrigerant creates a health hazard.

Knowing What Rattling Sounds Mean

rattling soundsRattling sounds from outdoor air conditioning units are not uncommon. While they often sound concerning, in most cases they are easily fixed. The most common cause of a rattling sound from an HVAC unit is debris falling into or getting stuck in vents.

Leaves, sticks or other outdoor debris can build up around units or blow into units. To avoid this issue, keep outdoor units clear of debris whenever possible and regularly clean outdoor units. A rattling sound can also indicate loose bolts, screws or fasteners in the unit.

Although it might create an alarming sound, this is something that is usually easily fixed. In some cases, a rattling sound indicates issues with the compressor, as it gets increasingly louder as it ages. The best way to address a rattling sound is by having the unit serviced. In most cases, basic maintenance will resolve the issue.

Promptly Identifying And Dealing With Electrical Issues

A buzzing noise from an HVAC system generally indicates an electrical issue, and the buzzing is most likely caused by electrical arcing. As a result, anytime a buzzing is heard, turn off the unit immediately and call a professional. Electrical issues can be dangerous, so it’s important to always err on the side of caution.

electrical issues

Generally, it will affect your home in two major ways. One, the unit is damaged beyond repair because of the electrical fault. Two, the electrical damage is severe enough to cause a fire, which can lead to even more issues.

Work With Your Local HVAC Pros

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