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All About Emergency Air Conditioner Services

The Importance of Emergency Air Conditioner Services

Picture this. It’s 90 degrees outside and climbing, but your home is nice and cool. Suddenly, a loud banging noise can be heard coming from the HVAC system and the house starts to heat up… fast.

That is one scenario where emergency air conditioner services can be literally lifesaving. But what types of air conditioner emergencies are there? How often should routine air conditioner services be performed? Local HVAC technicians have all of those answers and more.

How Often Should AC Services Be Performed?

how oftenThe first question most homeowners ask is about how often air conditioner services need to be performed. Under normal situations, when the air conditioner is not having any obvious problems, air conditioner services should be performed at least once a year.

However, that is the absolute minimum recommendation. Ideally, homeowners should have routine HVAC and air conditioner services performed twice a year - once in the spring before the air conditioner sees regular use, and once in the fall before the heater gets turned on regularly.

Failure to have air conditioner services done on a regular schedule can lead to serious issues, including the home’s HVAC system failing when it’s needed the most - in the heat of the summer or the dead of the winter. Maintenance can help diagnose issues before they can become catastrophic, financially draining emergencies.

What Is an Air Conditioner Emergency?

But what emergencies can happen to the system if air conditioner services aren’t performed as they should be? The obvious answer is a total breakdown of the HVAC system, where it just stops working entirely. The only way to fix this is by having an HVAC technician come out and evaluate the system, to find out what exactly went wrong. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, if the system has gotten to this point it may be beyond fixing and the homeowner will be looking at a total replacement.

ac emergencies

There are other signs that emergency air conditioner services may be needed as well. These include strange noises coming from the system, a system that kicks in but does not create airflow through the home, and unusual smells. As some of these issues can be particularly hazardous, it is important to call an HVAC technician right away to avoid an even more dangerous situation. The fixes for these emergencies vary, but often they can be stopped far short of having to replace the entire HVAC system, which is a huge money saver.

How Much Does an Air Conditioner Emergency Cost?

services costWhile routine air conditioner services may seem expensive, they are far less expensive than a full-blown HVAC emergency. Having a professional help with common AC problems like changing the air filters, inspect the system for malfunctions, and perform regular maintenance is important to keeping a fully-functional HVAC system for as long as possible.

However, homeowners shouldn’t let the cost cause them to defer emergency air conditioner services. If left unfixed, they can potentially cause electrical issues and even fires in the home. Call a professional at the first sign of trouble for more information. The longer it is let go, the more expensive it will ultimately become.

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