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Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist: Getting Your System Ready in Onalaska, TX

hvac preventative maintenance

With current fall temperatures dropping into the 30s and 40s, residents of Onalaska, TX, and nearby cities are seeing the coldest temperatures since March. If you have not done your fall home prep for winter, you are running out of time. 

Now is the time to do your HVAC preventative maintenance. Do these essential tasks to ensure your home HVAC system is ready for winter temperatures and weather. 

Replace Your Air Filters 

You should replace your air filters every few months as part of your routine HVAC maintenance. Changing them with the seasons is an excellent place to start if you tend to forget. 

Changing your air filters keeps the air in your home dust, dander, and hair-free. It also reduces the stress put on your system during operation, extending its life.

Check Your Thermostat Settings 

Fall is the perfect time to check your thermostat settings. If you have schedules programmed, ensure it is set for the Onalaska Texas winters. Setting a schedule keeps your home at the perfect temperature and reduces energy costs. 

Listen to the Noises 

Stand back and listen to your HVAC system run. Many of the common HVAC problems create noise.

A strange sound will give you a sign of an issue that requires professional assistance. Listen for debris in the vents, loose fasteners, or register blocks. 

Clear Vegetation 

Summer is the growing season for many plants, so fall is the perfect time to do cleanup landscaping. If you have plants growing thick around your HVAC unit, fall is the time to clean them up. That way, your unit receives plenty of airflow to stay cool and prevent excess moisture buildup. 

Empty Drain Lines and Pans

In 2022, Texas experienced below-freezing temperatures for 60-70 hours straight. The extreme temperatures and their lasting presence caught many people off guard. This year, do not let the freezing winter temperatures damage your home

One critical step to protecting your home is with your HVAC maintenance. Empty and clean out your drain lines and pan. This should be done every few months but is even more critical in the fall. 

This prevents collected standing water from freezing and causing damage. 

Call a Professional 

There are many maintenance tasks homeowners can do themselves. However, you need to know when to call in a professional. If you need furnace repair, do not attempt it yourself. 

It is better to call them now during the fall. HVAC repair services tend to get busy during the Onalaska Texas winters.

Some manufacturers require routine maintenance to maintain their warranty. If this applies to you, you will need a professional to do the maintenance. Purchasing an HVAC maintenance plan is more affordable than paying for repair out of pocket. 

Schedule HVAC Preventative Maintenance

HVAC preventative maintenance ensures your system is ready for the Onalaska, TX winter. Burnside Air Conditioning and Heating is a family-owned business. For over 60 years, our team of skilled technicians has provided HVAC services in McKinney, TX, and surrounding areas in Collin County.

Schedule fall HVAC maintenance with Burnside Air Conditioning and Heating to prepare for the Texas winter.