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Does It Matter Where You Place Your Thermostat in Your Woodville, TX Home?

thermostat placement

Did you know that the thermostat in your home is the control center for cooling and heating? However, where you place your thermostat will determine how well it performs. Some people wrongly think all they have to do is put it on any wall they please. But it pays to look into where to set up the thermostat in your Woodville, TX residence.

Keep reading to learn more about this issue. But before that, take note of common mistakes homeowners make about thermostat placement.

Where NOT to Install Thermostat

When considering the best place to put a home thermostat, you should be mindful of where you shouldn't install one and why.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Are you a homeowner in McKinney & Allen TX, Point Blank, TX, or the surrounding regions? If so, don't install your thermostat too close to your bathrooms or kitchen.

Why? Using the shower in the bathroom and cooking or baking in the kitchen will generate heat that can interfere with the proper operation of your thermostat.

Windows and Doors

It's a good idea to avoid placing your thermostat close to doors or windows where it could be exposed to direct sunlight. You also keep it a safe distance away from TVs and lamps.

Otherwise, the thermostat could be adversely impacted and operate in a way that doesn't provide good interior comfort.

Hallways and Areas Used Infrequently

Why is it a mistake to select hallways and infrequently used areas? If you choose these areas, the device will prioritize regulating the climate in areas of your home where you spend relatively little time.

Where You SHOULD Install Thermostat

Now that you understand where you shouldn't place your thermostat, you need to know where to install one. After all, selecting the right thermostat location will ensure that your device functions as it should.

The ideal thermostat position is on an interior wall inside a well-used room, such as your family room or living room.

When installing in the right area, you should ensure that the thermostat isn't obstructed. So, be mindful of how close it is to doors, bookshelves, and anything else. This is especially the case if you have a smart thermostat.

Whether your home is located in Cold Spring, TX Woodville, TX Corrigan, TX Onalaska, TX, or one of the neighboring communities, you'll want a properly functioning thermostat. This will prevent home temperature fluctuation.

Proper Thermostat Placement is Essential

Where you install your thermostat matters. It won't work as well as it should if you don't choose a good location.

Do you need a new thermostat or have more questions about thermostat placement? Contact us at Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality for the help you need.

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