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Prepare For Fall by Installing a New Heating System

Prepare for Fall

As we roll into fall, most homeowners start thinking about their heating systems. Leaves are falling, pumpkins are growing — and it’s starting to get cold! However, before you flip on the heater, consider whether your home could benefit from a new system.

If your heating unit is aging and showing noticeable signs of wear, it might be time to replace it. A new system will heat your home more efficiently and save you money on utility bills. It’s a long-term investment worth considering.

Choosing the Right System

To install a new heating unit, technicians need to know the size of your heater. Often, the technician or service provider may help you select the right size system. If not, you’ll need to perform some preliminary research. You’ll need to understand how much heating capacity is required to ensure everyone is comfortable. This information is known as the load of the house.

The load is partially dependent on square footage. However, the calculation often goes beyond that. An accurate determination includes orientation to the sun, the number and placement of windows, climate, and insulation levels.

Why the Right Size is Important

Installing the wrong size heating system often leads to trouble. Over-sizing your system means you’re spending more money per month. If you go too small, you’re overworking the system. An overworked heating system leads to reduced lifespan by years. You’ll also pay more money, as the unit needs to run more often to heat the entire home.

You want to find the sweet spot. If you’re unsure, leave it to a professional. Adding years to a heating system will cost less money and boost efficiency.

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