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Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Boiler For Your Home!

Boiler Facts

Texas is big enough a state that not everyone here enjoys warm weather all throughout the year. If you’re in a situation where you sometimes need to think about keeping your home warm, maybe upgrading to a boiler is right for you. Here are few important facts to introduce you to what boilers can do.

Boiler QuestionWhat Are They?

The elegance of boilers is that they still work on a very simple, but very effective principle; water is good at retaining heat.

So boilers just heat water up, usually using either gas or electricity to achieve this, then that hot water is circulated throughout your home.

When it reaches the rooms you want, it then radiates that heat, warming up the air in the room. Quiet, effective and efficient!

They Don’t Need To Boil

Working BoilerBoilers in the modern-day rarely have to live up to their name. That’s not to say it never happens though.

In an industrial setting, some boilers are still designed to get water so hot it vaporizes.

But for general living purposes, you never need to get the water temperature that high. Consumer boilers will usually go to about 140°, and that’s more than enough to keep you warm.

It Doesn’t Dampen Air

HumidityThere may be some concern from homeowners that using water-based heating will introduce humidity into the air.

You can set those concerns aside, as it’s normally not a factor. The only time humidity becomes an issue is if there’s a leak in your boiler and water is getting out somewhere.

Otherwise, the water is normally “sealed” and doesn’t interact with the air, merely transmits heat to it. In older boilers, which burned up house air as fuel, it even made the air drier!

Consistent Water Pressure Is Important

Water PressurePart of the similarities that boilers have with plumbing is the need for good water pressure. In plumbing, however, that water pressure is required for a good shower.

For boilers, however, reliable, consistent water pressure is essential for effectively moving water, while it is still hot, to the rooms that need heating up.

Low water pressure means poor heating at best, and, at a worst, a sign you leak somewhere.

A Cost Effective Solution

Save MoneyIf your current heating system comes from the 20th century, there’s a lot of investment value in upgrading to a modern boiler system.

You’ll immediately notice that your energy bills will go down, thanks to the better performance.

However, you’re also adding value to your property, and even giving it more resale appeal, since buyers like the idea of having more modern HVAC systems when they move in.

Better Efficiency

Energy Efficient BoilerFinally, there’s the question of efficiency. While the top gas burning furnaces can achieve 95% efficiency, boilers aren’t far behind at 90%!

But there’s one critical efficiency area where boilers trump furnaces. Boilers can heat specific rooms, whereas a gas furnace must heat the entire house, and you have to pay for that.

This means boilers can help you only pay for the rooms you want heating in like your bedroom at night. We can still get some cooler temperatures in McKinney, TX, so if you want to make an upgrade and enjoy quality, more efficient heating, look at your options. And don’t discount boilers, as a heating option!