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3 Signs That Your Heating Ducts Need Repair

Heating Ducts


The majority of homes throughout the country are equipped with air ducts – some of which are incorrectly sized. The wrong-size duct will cost property owners thousands of dollars every year. You’re also more likely to require repairs.

Noticing the signs early enough could save you time and money, though. Even if you simply suspect an issue, calling in a technician cannot hurt. We’ll find the problem and fix it.

Air Conditioning Always Running

If you’ve noticed your air conditioning or heating system running more often, or always running, it’s possible you have a leak in your air ducts. Likewise, if you notice the monthly energy bills on the rise – substantially higher than usual – then you’ll want to call for service. Finding and solving a leak in the air ducts could save hundreds per year, and even decrease waste.

Excessive Dust

It is entirely reasonable to have some dust in your home. Even the cleanest of households have dust. However, if you see dirt often, such as outside of direct sunlight, this may be a sign of a broken air duct. You may require repairs. Another sign of excess dust is noticeably dirty ceilings or vents. If you notice either, call a professional.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Lastly, if you notice certain areas of your home are warmer than others, your ducts may have a leak. Try putting a thermometer in several rooms and check them throughout the day. This will provide more concrete proof of inconsistent temperatures. Continuing like this will waste energy and increase your energy bills. It’s easier to schedule repairs now and worry less.

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If you suspect trouble with your air ducts, consider contacting Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality by calling (972) 562-7789. We’ll track down the leak or other problem and provide you with solutions, not excuses. So, give us a call!