Ductless Mini Split System Installation in Allen

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If you have a space in your Allen, TX home that could use some cooling but doesn’t have ductwork, you might want to consider installing a ductless mini split AC system. And to do that you need highly trained experts to ensure a proper installation.

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How Do Ductless Mini Split Systems Work?

A ductless mini-split system works like a regular central AC minus the ducts. The indoor unit(s) blows warm air from your indoor environment over cold evaporator coils. The coils absorb heat from the air thanks to the refrigerant running through them before bringing it to the outside unit where all the heat pulled from your house is dumped.

What Are Some Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split?

  • Forget about dirty ducts: With a ductless system, you’ll never have to worry about leaky or dirty ductwork again.
  • Save energy and utility costs: Since they don’t rely on ductwork, and they only cool where necessary, mini splits can reduce your energy consumption significantly.
  • Improved indoor air quality: In addition to filtering the air, many ductless systems remove mold, pollen, pet dander from circulation.
  • Direct cooling where you need it: Ductless systems enable you to cool air directly where you need it. Installing several mini-splits means you can create zones that you can cool individually.
  • Easy installation: Unlike systems where extensive ductwork is involved, a ductless mini-split system can be installed in just a few hours.

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How Much Can You Save With a Ductless Mini Split?

The average home or business in Allen can realize up to 50% energy savings from using a ductless mini-split system. They’re ideal for additions and newly constructed houses, as well as premises with no existing ductwork. Mini-splits can use several separate indoor air-handling units for each outdoor unit. This means you can create separate zones, each with its own controller, and regulate temperatures according to your needs.

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