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Why Indoor Air Quality Certification Matters

Air Quality Certification

No matter the task, whether it’s electrical or air conditioning related, ensuring your contractor is qualified for the job is vital. The correct certifications and licenses really do matter. They’re not just for resumes. Despite this, few consider indoor air quality certifications. If you have a problem with your home’s indoor air quality, you’ll want to make sure you receive useful service.

Why Certification Matters

Many heating and air conditioning companies provide essential services, such as maintenance and installation. Technicians from these enterprises are typically capable of offering insider knowledge regarding indoor air quality. However, few are professionally certified.

When seeking specific services, look for a provider with the certification you require. If a technician has indoor air quality certification, they took the time to educate themselves further. Their training is more than generalized; it’s technical. Furthermore, they have the ability and knowledge to approach indoor air quality issues professionally. Through further learning and firsthand experience, a certified technician is of immense use to homeowners.

Professional Service

Technicians who have undergone certification know where to locate contaminants in the home, including fungi, mold, asbestos, and more. They can further identify where issues may arise, too. Furthermore, your technician will have specific knowledge to clean a contaminated area safely. If left untreated, these pollutants may cause bodily harm and illness.

Even after a professional cleaning, your home may still be at risk. Your chosen technician may offer professional advice to ensure your indoor air remains clean. You may need to properly ventilate your home, such as moving furniture away from an air duct. Or you may have to reduce the risk of mold growth by cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, which are susceptible to moisture.

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