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Can You Afford Regular HVAC Maintenance?


By keeping your HVAC system properly maintained, you can save on both money and energy. Essential maintenance services will extend your unit’s lifespan, saving you money on costly replacements down the line.

Keep in mind, however, that performing maintenance on your own may be tricky. If you make any mistakes, you might need a professional to resolve the issue. It’s smarter, and cheaper, to call an HVAC service provider from the start.


As a homeowner, you should be no stranger to budgeting. Most of us carefully plan how we spend our hard-earned money, whether on groceries or home maintenance. Why would anyone spend more than they have to on utility bills? It pays to invest in your system now to lower these monthly costs. Think of the money you’ll save in the long-run!

Wherever possible, set aside money each month to put towards maintenance. This could be a total maintenance budget, or several different budgets for HVAC, plumbing, and appliances.

Reasons to Schedule Maintenance

It’s not just about the money. A well-maintained HVAC system impacts your life in several different ways:

  • Health – Your heating and cooling systems can leak contaminants into the air; such leaks often go undetected without a carbon monoxide detector. Regular maintenance keeps the system safe from leaks and indoor air quality issues.
  • Elevated Temperatures – You may live in a region where extreme temperatures are all too typical. If the summer is hot, you’ll want to an efficient cooling system.
  • Energy – A broken-down HVAC unit wastes energy and resources. Running the unit uses power and costs you money without providing any real benefits.

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