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Benefits of Replacing Your AC Unit’s Air Filters

Air Filters

Dirty air filters are the biggest reason why air conditioning systems break down. And what makes the situation even worse is the fact that filters are not only extremely simple to buy, but also extremely easy to replace.

In addition, they cost a fraction of what it would take for a repair or a system replacement. These are just a few of the reasons why you need to make sure you replace your filters on a regular basis.

Longer Lifespan

Changing your air filters on a regular basis will help your AC unit last much longer. The main reasons are that filters help keep particles such as pet dander, debris, dirt, pollen and more out of your cooling system. These particles could cause substantial damage to the parts inside of the system, leading to the need for extensive repairs.

Increased Efficiency

When an AC system’s air filters become clogged, the system has to work much harder than normal to provide the same level of comfort. The motor, for example, can become so overworked that it can actually overheat and cause a system failure.

But even if the worst doesn’t happen, you’ll still see monthly electric bills that are much higher than they should be. Simply replacing your filters every few months could shave as much as 15 percent off of your electric bill during the summer.

Better Air Quality

When outdoor contaminants get into your ductwork, they can easily spread through your home and lower the quality of your indoor air dramatically. This can lead to big problems, especially if there’s someone in your home who has allergy issues or asthma. The cleaner your indoor air, the more comfortable everyone will be.

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