McKinney Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Cost-effective ductless mini split air conditioner installation service in McKinney.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your air conditioning system to one that’s both versatile and eco-friendly, it’s hard to do better than a ductless mini split air conditioner. It’s a model that’s become wildly popular among the variety of options available on the market. If you want to beat the heat while keeping energy consumption down, one of these systems might be right for you.

The home cooling specialists at Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality are available for ductless mini-split air conditioner installation service in the McKinney, TX area. We can help you find relief from the summer sun while saving money.

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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners Explained

If you want to find the defining feature of ductless mini-split air conditioners, all you have to do is read the name. These units don’t use air ducts to distribute cooling throughout a home. You’re able to install them anywhere in your household. This means you have control over both which rooms receive AC and the temperature delivered by each device. The defining feature of ductless mini-split AC systems can be found right in the name. Decide where and how much air conditioning gets used in your home.

This comes with a number of advantages. There’s no need to cool rooms that aren’t being used, and anybody who wants AC gets to adjust the temperature as they see fit. No energy gets wasted cooling empty rooms, and everybody has more control over their comfort levels. If a homeowner is able to efficiently manage ductless mini-split system air conditioners, they can save a pile of cash while still keeping everybody happy and cool when the temperatures rise. Ductless mini-split air conditioners can give you the best of both worlds.

Does Your Ductless Mini Split Need Maintenance?

If your ductless mini-split keeps your house at extreme temperatures or has trouble maintaining consistent temperatures, there are a few things that could be going wrong:

  • If your ductless mini split’s filter is clogged with dirt, grime, and other debris, then the system will fight to pull in air and it will struggle to get the room to the temperature you desire.
  • If the outdoor system can’t get the proper flow of air it needs, it will have to work harder to cool or heat your house, resulting in a higher energy bill and temperatures that are off. So when the summer months hit, make sure to remember to keep the area around your component as clean as possible.
  • If your mini-split is doing the opposite of what it should be doing (heating when it should be cooling and vice versa), you will probably have to call a professional. This could be a problem with the reversing valve, and when this happens your ductless system gets stuck in one mode or the other.
  • If your mini-split seems to grow weaker over time, the refrigerant could be leaking. If this happens, you need to call a professional right away. The longer this goes on the more damage that could happen to your mini-split. If this problem persists, it may even cause a total system breakdown.

Dependable AC Installation Service

Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality has been performing high-quality and affordable HVAC services to Collin County and the surrounding areas for over 60 years. We’re a family-owned and operated business. Providing first-class customer service is the foundation of our business.

The respect we have for homeowners is reflected in our flat-rate pricing. This means all parts and labor are included in the quote we give you no hidden fees. It’s all part of building a relationship with our customers based on trust and honesty.

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Replacing Your Ductless Mini Split

Is it time to replace your ductless mini-split? Here are a few clues to let you know whether or not you should.

  • Your system is not energy-efficient. Many homeowners prefer ductless mini-split cooling systems because they tend to be more efficient. Zoning provides a lot of comfort and great benefits, but its biggest selling point is the savings. So if your system is no longer living up to the standard, it’s probably time for a ductless mini-split replacement.
  • Your mini-split system is no longer keeping your house as cool as you would like it. If your current system can’t keep your home cool or is having trouble with humidity, you may want to consider replacing it.
  • Do you want to switch from traditional cooling to a mini-split system? Hearing all the rave reviews about ductless systems and ready to give it a try? Our expert technicians can help you choose the system that suits your needs perfectly!
  • Repair is often the first choice when there’s something wrong with your cooling system. But if the repairs are becoming too frequent, it’s time to seek a replacement. Repairs can end up costing you a fortune as time goes on, so you stand to save a lot by replacing.

Do you want to find out how ductless mini split air conditioners can cool your home while saving you money? We conduct installation services to homes in the McKinney, TX area. Call us at (972) 562-7789 to book an appointment today!