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Why Is My AC So Loud Inside My House in Woodville, TX?

why is my ac so loud inside my house

The average cost for AC repair in the US stands at around $300 per call out. While this can be lower or higher, it is an expense many people want to be sure they have to make. So when your system begins to make odd noises, how do you decide if you should call out the professionals?

When your HVAC system gets unbearable, you may need to isolate the problem fast. Below we answer the question "Why is my AC so loud inside my house?" and discuss what you can do about it.

Placement and Construction

When you install AC in Woodville, Texas, it is important to get professionals to do it, ideally during the construction of the home. This is because AC should be placed in areas where it can spread cool air to the optimum position but also minimize the noise levels. 

AC will always make some noises when it turns on and off. After this, it should produce a mild hum. Anything other can indicate a problem. 

Type of Blower Motor

The type of blower motor inside your system can dictate how noisy the AC is. Generally, D/C ones with variable speeds will be quieter than A/C versions. The latter contains a series of magnets that need to be charged, producing more noise when the AC starts up and shuts down. 

Hissing Noises

When you hear a hissing noise it is a very specific problem, suggesting your refrigerant lines have a leak in them. Refrigerant is responsible for moving the warm air inside the home to the outside in a loop. It shifts between gas and liquid states.

If you hear hissing, it is leaking in the gas phase of the cycle. Make sure you get a professional AC repair service to help. As it involves locating the problem and then replacing the lost chemical, an AC service in Woodville, Texas will know how to do this safely. 

Screeching Noises

When you have a loud AC unit producing a screeching sound, isolate the sound and decide if it is coming from inside or outside. In both cases it is usually the noise made by metal scraping against metal, indicating a part is broken or misaligned. 

When it comes from the outside, it will probably either be a compressor or fan blade. Older units may need the compressor replaced, which is an expensive part. If you have trouble with fan blades then be sure to use the right tool to realign them, or call an expert in AC repair

When it comes from inside it is usually a sign that bearings have worn down. This is usually in the blower motor and the part may need replacing. As it works hard, particularly in the summer months, it is a part that is prone to breaking down. 

Buzzing Sounds

Buzzing sounds are a sign that electrical faults are present. It may be loose wiring or the capacitor may need replacing. Don't tackle this yourself unless you are a trained electrician. 

Why Is My AC So Loud Inside My House?

Now you can answer the question "Why is my AC so loud inside my house?" you can decide if you need to call a professional. Make sure you get a trusted company to do the job. Check online reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations. 

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