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Top Ten Ways to Save Energy on AC This Summer

Save Energy

There are a lot of ways to save energy on your air conditioning, so if you’re tired of paying through the nose each month to stay comfortable, you have several options.

You’ll find that while some of these tips might seem like it would take a major sacrifice, eventually they will become second nature. Here are the top 10 ways to shave some serious money off of your electric bill.

1. One of the Best Ways to Save Energy is Very Simple

All you need to do in order to save a lot of money is to set your AC temperature lower before you go to bed. Since you’re sleeping, you don’t expend as much energy so it won’t take as much to keep you comfortable.

2. Consider a Window Unit

Window units are great if you tend to stay in one part of the home each day, such as if you work in your house. They consume a lot less energy than central units.

3. Shut Your Vents

One of the most efficient ways to save energy is to shut off the vents to the areas of the house where no one typically stays during the day. Your bedrooms and guest bathroom are good examples.

4. Get Your Unit Checked

Regular maintenance is a great way to identify inefficiencies in your system so they can be addressed before you waste more energy.

5. Look at Your Ducts

Your duct system is one of the main culprits behind wasting energy. If they’re not properly insulated, air will be leaking from your home that could otherwise be used to keep you cool.

6. Move Your Furniture

There might be a couch or chair blocking an air vent. This could make your system work much harder than it should.

7. Set the Temperature Higher

Try setting your thermostat at 78 degrees during the day. This will not only help save energy but help your AC work efficiently.

8. Turn off the Lights

Lights put out much more heat than you think. Make sure you turn them off in rooms you don’t use during the day.

9. Take it Easy on Your AC When You’re Not Home

Unless you have pets that are sensitive to heat, there’s really no reason to run your AC at the normal temperature when nobody’s there. Set it to 85 degrees and keep the drapes and windows closed. It will be warm when you get home but it won’t take that long to cool off.

10. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans do a great job of working in tandem with your AC to keep you comfortable. That way, you won’t need to make the AC work as hard.

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