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Top 5 Residential AC Repair Mistakes to Avoid in McKinney, TX

residential AC repair mistakes

Did you know that about 87% of residents in the United States use air conditioning equipment in their homes? For such equipment to last for a long time, it's up to homeowners to ensure that they schedule regular AC maintenance.

Regardless, air conditioners will break down at some point and require repairs. This could be due to an ineffective thermostat, or it may be approaching the end of its useful life.

So, to avoid spending on costly repairs or even AC replacement, it's crucial to avoid residential AC repair mistakes. Here are a few you should know.

1. Not Changing Your Filter on Time

Air filters play a crucial role in the effective operation of your AC unit. First, it helps to filter air by trapping dust, dirt, and other debris. If you clean or change them within the recommended time, you will see a 15% reduction in energy use.

A dirty air filter makes your air conditioner work harder than usual to keep your home comfortable. Ultimately, this will cause your AC parts to experience wear and tear, leading to failure.

2. Failing to Strategically Place the Thermostat

You should know that where you place the thermostat can affect your air conditioners' operation. If you place it close to the window, it'll give a higher reading than the temperature in your home.

This will cause your unit to run longer than usual to keep your home cool, resulting in high energy use. The best place to install it is on the interior wall far from the hallways or kitchen.

3. Having an Incorrectly Sized AC Unit

If you're planning to install a new air conditioning unit, seek the services of an experienced professional. This is the surest way to get an air conditioner that matches your home cooling needs.

You should know that a smaller residential AC system will work harder to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. On the other hand, bigger units will keep short cycling, causing pre-mature wear and tear of parts.

4. Performing AC Repairs by Yourself

When it comes to repairing AC units, it's advisable to let a professional handle them. You may want to perform such repairs on your own to save time and money.

However, if you don't know what you're trying to solve, you can worsen the problem. Depending on the nature of the damage, you may have to replace your unit.

5. Failing to Check the Condenser

When performing air conditioner repairs, most people overlook the outdoor AC unit. The condenser is responsible for regulating and transferring cool air to your home. If it develops any issues, your home won't be sufficiently cooled.

If your condenser develops issues such as weird noises, consider calling a professional to check it out. They're better positioned to advise on the need for repair or replacement.

Learn More About the Common Residential AC Repair Mistakes

Most homeowners will do everything possible to try and avoid AC repair. However, this is an expense that they'll have to incur at some point.

When it comes to extending the longevity of air conditioners, there are different residential AC repair mistakes you should avoid. The few ideas shared in this guide should help you learn why avoiding such common AC issues is beneficial to your unit's longevity.

Is a failing AC ruining the comfort in your McKinney, TX home? Contact us today, and we will come for an inspection and advise on the appropriate repairs.