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Summer Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool Without Your AC


The temperatures are quickly rising, and the often oppressive heat and humidity of the summer is not far away. For many, this can feel alarming because of what it means for your home’s air conditioner. In the full heat of the summer, it seems like you have to keep turning down the thermostat just to try to stay comfortable.

Doing this not only overworks your air conditioning unit, but it also causes a stunning increase in your electric bills. Both are things that you want to avoid as much as possible. Here are a few tips to help keep you from falling into the trap of over overworking your air conditioner this summer.

Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans

ceilingfansCeiling fans are not just a decorative touch. While they won’t lower the temperature in your home, they can make it feel a good bit cooler. First, fans help to circulate the cool air in your home, making all spaces more comfortable.

Second, by creating a breeze, they add a wind chill effect to the room that makes it feel cooler. As a result, using ceiling fans instantly makes your home cooler without you ever touching the thermostat.

Fans are great to have throughout your home, just make sure that during the summer they’re spinning counter-clockwise so that they’re pushing cold air down towards the floor. If you don’t already have ceiling fans, they’re easy to install and a good addition to your home as they add a little extra style while also making your home more efficient.

Drink Lots of Cool Water

drinkcoldwaterFew things are more refreshing on a hot day than a cold glass of water. Drinking cool water immediately makes you feel better, and, truth be told, sometimes on the hottest days half of the battle is in the mind.

Plus, drinking cold water won’t just make you feel more comfortable, it will also decrease your body’s temperature, which will help you stay cooler.

Staying hydrated is always a good idea and helps to keep you healthy. Plus, regularly drinking cold water on hot days can actually help you stay more comfortable this summer without turning to your thermostat. Definitely a win-win.

Close Your Blinds or Curtains

closeblindsThe summer sun is hot and strong, and it can be amazing how quickly sunlight will increase the temperature in your home. This is great in the winter, and we all enjoy having our homes filled with natural light.

However, in the summer this heat can make it harder to keep your home a comfortable temperature. Whenever possible, keep your blinds or light curtains closed, especially during the heat of the day.

The more sunlight you can block out, the cooler your home will stay during the day. So, enjoy the natural light and the summer sun while you’re outside or at the pool, but do your best to block it from your home to help regulate your indoor quality and temperature.

Hopefully, these simple tips will ease the pressure on your air conditioner and electric bills this summer. If you know someone that struggles with their electric bill during the summer, please share this post with them.