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Saving Energy – A Solar Air Cooling System

Solar Energy

Solar air cooling is an excellent option for people looking to save money on their monthly energy bills. Not only is it good for the bank account, it’s also great for the environment.

This advanced technology takes the power of the sun and converts it into usable energy that can keep your home or office building comfortable no matter how hot it may get outside. Here’s some information as to how this technology works and why you might want to consider it.

How it Works

Solar air cooling works by using mirrors that focus the energy of the sun into a fluid-filled tube. As the sun moves across the sky, the mirrors move as well, continuing to heat the fluid throughout the day.

Special devices known as absorption chillers use the fluid in the refrigeration process, as opposed to the electricity used by traditional cooling methods. This not only helps you save money, it also reduces emissions and greenhouse gases that damage the environment.

This advanced method of cooling is a sensible alternative to traditional compressors, which emit a lot of noise, vibrations and also use a great deal of energy. Solar air cooling is not only good for making you comfortable in the summer it can also be used to heat your home when the weather turns cold.

The reason they help save money is because of the way electric rates are typically set. The more energy you use during the peak times of the day, the more you have to pay. These hours usually fall during the time of the day that’s hottest, and when air conditioning loads are extremely high. A solar air cooling unit can substantially reduce the amount of electricity used during those peak hours.

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