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How Often Should You Carry Out an Air Conditioning Service?

How Often

Air Conditioning ServiceAir conditioning service is something that just about everyone will need at one time or another. But when it comes to telling you exactly how often you will need it, there really is no simple answer that applies to every situation.

While some people need it two or three times a year, others might need it only once. Here are just a few of the factors that will go into determining how often you should call a cooling system expert.

When You’ll Definitely Need Air Conditioning Service

How often you’ll need air conditioning service will depend a lot on how hard you work your system. The average AC unit is built to withstand extremely hot weather and heavy demand, but even the heartiest units have their limits.

For example, if the temperature gets to 105 degrees for a couple of weeks straight and you don’t have ceiling fans, your system is going to have to work incredibly hard to keep you comfortable. Also, if the temperature stays hot and humid for an extended amount of time, that can really increase wear and tear.

People who live in humid areas will probably need to have their units maintained more often than those who live in more temperate climates. Debris can also have a lot to do with how often you’ll need air conditioning service. Grit can cause major problems – in some cases getting so bad that it can render a unit inoperable.

People who live near the beach will usually need service more often than those who live inland due to sand getting in their systems. If your electric bill has suddenly spiked, that’s another reason you’ll need to have your system checked. The reason is that something could have gone wrong that is causing your AC to work harder than normal.

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