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After a Long Summer, Is It Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

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It’s typically recommended that homeowners avoid replacing their air conditioning units during the summer. This is a time when everyone has the same idea. If you know anything about supply and demand, then you understand prices will be higher.

It’s best, if possible, to wait until the off season, such as winter or early spring. Furthermore, you’re more likely to receive higher-quality craftsmanship. During the summer, an attic is upwards of 130 degrees. Most crews want to find the exit quickly. Workmanship may suffer.

Consider Age

Age will always play a deciding factor in whether to replace an air conditioner or not. The older the unit, the more likely a replacement may be necessary.

Many technicians follow the “5,000” rule. Basically, multiple the age of your air conditioner by the repair cost, if this number exceeds $5,000, then it’s best to replace the unit. If not, repairs are a viable solution. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Most technicians worth their salt will offer professional advice, though. Simply ask!

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial. When running an air conditioning system, the higher the efficiency, the less you’ll spend per month. Over time, as an AC unit begins to age, the energy efficiency levels will start to drop.

You’ll notice this effect taking place as your monthly bills begin to rise. You may also notice your unit failing to keep up with outside temperatures. Hot spots and generally warm areas in your home are telltale signs.

If you notice any such signs, call for professional service. It’s best not to wait sometimes!

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