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Best Thermostat Temperature for Summer in Corrigan, TX

what should you set your thermostat at in the summer

Air conditioning has become an essential feature of modern homes in the United States. Today, 91% of households across the country have air conditioning and it is especially important in regions with hot and oppressive summers, such as Corrigan, TX, where the summer temperature high is around 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this blog post, we will ask an important question that many homeowners ask during these warmest months of the year. That is, What should you set your thermostat at in the summer?

An air conditioning unit helps to reduce the high humidity in a home and make it a more comfortable place to live, even when the outdoor temperature is soaring. Other benefits include improving air quality, reducing the risk of dehydration and heat stroke, stopping pests, and improving the quality of sleep.

What Should You Set Your Thermostat at in the Summer?

In Corrigan, TX, we recommend that you set your thermostat temperature to 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. This may seem high, certainly higher than many homeowners currently set their thermostats to. However, 78 degrees Fahrenheit is seen as the temperature that is just right for saving money on energy bills.

This recommendation comes directly from Energy Star as well as the U.S. Department of Energy. In order to maximize both comforts within the home and energy savings, it is beneficial to use a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust the temperature at different times of the day.

For example, the following temperatures are recommended:

  • 78 degrees when homeowners wake up in the morning
  • 85 degrees during the day (when the house is typically vacant)
  • 82 degrees at night when occupants are sleeping

By minimizing the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, homeowners will see a reduction in their overall cooling bill. By following these guidelines with a properly-set programmable thermostat, homeowners can save around $180 per year.

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Here at Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality, we recommend that homeowners make use of programmable thermostats. Some of the benefits of this include:

  • Saves money (as highlighted above)
  • Convenient and saves time
  • Provides reliable precision
  • Keeps temperatures consistent
  • Reduces maintenance needs

All of the above also help to protect the environment (by reducing energy waste). If you are conscious of your carbon footprint, programmable thermostats are a great addition.

Best Temperature for Air Conditioning in Corrigan, TX

To summarize what should you set your thermostat at in the summer, 78 degrees is the magic number. Of course, if you spend more time at home during the day, you may wish to reduce this by a few degrees. Likewise, homes with pets may also wish to set their thermostat to a few degrees lower for extra comfort.

If you are looking for AC repair, maintenance, or installation in Corrigan, your #1 choice is Burnside Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality. Contact our expert team today for all your AC conditioning needs.