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3 Advanced Air Conditioning Repair Techniques

AC Repair

With the temperatures on the rise, now is the worst possible time for an air conditioning system to break down. Unfortunately, now is when most homeowners deal with a downed system. It’s all too common.

Thankfully, there are fantastic repair services and techniques available. So, whether your air conditioning system isn’t working or simply isn’t cooling enough, you certainly have options. Do not give up hope just yet!

Examine the Ducts

This may seem quite straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many homeowners entirely forego their ductwork. The duct system hidden behind your walls and ceilings are often overlooked, yet necessary.

If you feel comfortable climbing into the attic, check the duct system. Air should be coming through them. If not, the ducts may be dirty and clogged. Either hire a professional service or clean them thoroughly.

Melt Ice

Believe it or not, your air conditioning system does get cold enough to produce ice. If the unit has frozen up, melting the ice is a straightforward process. First, turn the entire system off, then run only the fan. It will take some time, but the ice should melt quickly. Alternatively, simply turn the air conditioning system completely off and wait. It will get hot, but it’s worth the trouble in the long-run.

Electrical Panel Troubles

With a central air conditioning system, one of the most overlooked repairs homeowners forego involves the main electrical panel. Most likely, the panel will reveal a tripped breaker or blown a fuse. If that’s the problem, reset the breaker or replace the fuse altogether. A central air unit typically connects to a 240-volt circuit. If the problem persists, a short is the most likely answer.

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