The Pros and Cons of a Solar Heating System

Heating Repair Service McKinney, TXSolar heating systems are popular options in homes across the country. A solar heating system uses the power of the sun to heat your home by warming water in a tank without the need for electricity. Some systems simply use the hot water in place of a standard water heater while others can disperse the water through the home similar to a radiant heating system. Solar systems come with many benefits. However, if you are interested in a going solar, you should speak to an experienced installer for all the details. In the meantime, consider the following pros and cons of a solar heating system.


  • Reduce your carbon footprint by using passive solar energy for heat instead of relying on conventional energy
  • Save money on electricity or gas by replacing your current heating system with a solar system
  • In areas with plenty of direct sunlight, solar heating systems are highly efficacious
  • Federal tax incentives drive down the ownership cost even more
  • A solar heating system is roughly similar in size to a traditional tank water heater


  • A solar heating system may require a costly initial installation
  • Solar heating systems can get very hot and must be placed with special consideration
  • Living in an area without ample sunlight can impact the effectiveness of solar heating
  • System maintenance can require specialized technicians to service

As with any heating system, be sure to use an experienced company to source your heating equipment and install your new system for you. A reputable service provider will guarantee their workmanship and recommend equipment that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Solar heating systems come with many benefits that can save you money while saving the environment. For the very best in heating installation options, contact Burnside Air Conditioning Heating and Indoor Air Quality today at 972-439-9923 .


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