The Important Aspects of a Vacuum Furnace at a Glance

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If your job requires you to work with metals and heating these metals is a major portion of the work, it is important to have a fully-functioning vacuum furnace available. A vacuum furnace will cut down on chances of contamination due to the gasses in the air, plus keep the temperature consistent while melting or heating the specific metal being used. When it comes to this type of furnace, you must control the process and cool the metal quickly to ensure a job well done.

Brazing and Heat Treatments

In certain situations, where heating up metal to complete various tasks, such as brazing or heat treatment, is required, you need to ensure there is no contamination from outside sources. Heating metal inside of a vacuum furnace is your best option to avoid any form of contamination or wrongdoing. Within a furnace, you can heat the metal in a controlled environment without air or gasses.


One of the biggest benefits of using a vacuum furnace is the ability to directly control temperatures and ensure they remain consistent throughout the entire heating process. When there is zero air inside of the vacuum furnace, the heat can more evenly distribute throughout the entire space. This makes the heating and brazing process more equal.

Another useful benefit is being able to remove contaminants, which is the entire point of a vacuum furnace. Contaminants that are floating through the air can destroy the overall integrity of the metal and cause an entire batch to be unfit for production or use. Without contaminants, the results are nearly flawless as the metal will be in its most pure form possible.

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