Home Improvement Scams on the Rise

Home Improvement Scams on the Rise

Thanks to comprehensive research performed by the Better Business Bureau, some surprising data in the field of home improvement scams was revealed. For instance, men are more vulnerable to these types of scams than women. The elderly are also at an increased risk as of late due to the abundance of home improvement scams. Unfortunately, no one is immune from a conman working their way through the neighborhood. Furthermore, at Burnside Air Conditioning, we strive to prevent home improvement scams within the community, and as such, we offer total customer satisfaction and useful tips to prevent scams.

Seniors At-Risk

Seniors are the most at-risk for potential home improvement scams these days. First off, seniors own over half of all financial assets in the country. More than any other type of homeowner on the market today. That makes them a prime target for scammers. In fact, thirty percent of all scam cases reported involved seniors as the victims.

The US Department of Health estimates that 60 percent of the elderly live in a home that is 20 years or older, which means improvements are likely. Sadly, fraudulent contractors hunt down these elderly homeowners and offer their services or wares at “discounted” prices, and yet fail to follow through after receiving upfront payments.

Signs of Fraud

If you’re worried about being the victim of a home improvement scam, there are a few signs you may watch for. In fact, the most common warning signs of a home improvement scammer include:

  • Offering discounts to find other customers
  • Materials left-over from previous jobs for a reduced price
  • No business number in the local directory
  • Pressuring customers for an immediate decision
  • Exceptionally long guarantees
  • Asking for payment upfront
  • Suggesting borrowing money from a lender the contractor personally knows

Contact Us

If you suspect a home improvement scam in your neighborhood, be sure to let the proper authorities know. In fact, we never want homeowners to fall victim to these downright despicable individuals. Finally, call Burnside Air Conditioning at 214-544-6161 for proper home improvement services.

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