How the Gold Star Inspection Program Can Extend the Life of Your Heating System

What if you never had to worry about any heating or air conditioning problems ever again? Well, when you’re a part of the Burnside Air Conditioning Heating Indoor Air Quality Gold Star Inspection program, you’ll always have a help for your for your heating system. This program enables your systems to remain reliable and efficient.

Why Is It Necessary?

The Gold star inspection program allows you to catch minor issues while they’re still minor issues. Since the program catching problems early, it helps extend the life of your current heating and cooling equipment and helps prevent premature failure of your systems.

You’ll also benefit from having professionals know your HVAC system inside and out, so they’ll know when it’s the best time to replace your system, repair it, or get rid of the system all together. This system also helps reduce your monthly energy bills by finding problems that might be making your heating or AC system operate inefficiently.

Below are a few of the repair services offered in the gold star program:

  • Test for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Clean or replace the filter
  • Check ignition and firing
  • Check safety controls
  • Check the flue for proper venting
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections

 What does it include?

The gold star inspection program includes an annual heating and air conditioning inspection at a lower price than other companies. But that’s not all. Other benefits to this program are:

  • 15% Discount on all Heater Rapier and Air Conditioning repairs
  • Extended One year warranty on all repairs
  • Guaranteed demand service within 24 hours
  • Lower equipment operating costs
  • Five year parts and labor extended warrant on select repairs

These are just some of the benefits. For more, look here.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your annual inspection costs, have a longer lasting AC unit and heating system, call our office today 972-439-9923 or contact us online.


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